UFI Ministries / Creating Christmas Cheer

UFI Ministries have been working in Zimbabwe since August 2008, with the aim of uniting the body of Jesus through catering for the less privileged members of society. UFI Ministries focus their care work mainly on widows and orphans, two demographics who have little or no means to help themselves, and have helped thousands over the past few years. Some of the projects UFI Ministries have assisted with have included children’s homes, which have been provided with much needed food, supplies and aid for school fees, a rural medical outreach programme which performs eye cataract operations for those who would otherwise be unable to reach a doctor and the provision of further medical supplies to local hospitals with specific focus on equipment which will help to lower the maternal mortality rate when giving birth. In 2011 UFI Ministries held a huge Christmas party to which they invited hundreds of widows from the region and the children and staff from five local orphanages.

UFI MinistriesThe UFI Ministries Christmas party was a resounding success, with many guests going out of their way to verbalise their appreciation. Each guest received a specially printed T-shirt from UFI Ministries along with all the food they could eat and entertainment in the form of the UFI Ministries choir and esteemed gospel singer Joyce Simeti. Certain children were also given additional treats, as UFI Ministries distributed textbooks, uniforms and shoes to those who had performed exceptionally well in school over the previous year. Leaders of the children’s homes were especially pleased with this thoughtful touch as they believe it will also help to motivate other children to strive to perform their best in the future.

The Christmas party held by UFI Ministries was the culmination of a series of visits by pastors to people’s homes in the build up to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. These visits included the handing out of pre-prepared food parcels from UFI Ministries to over two hundred widows in the area who may otherwise have been looking at a very bleak Christmas. The women were overjoyed at the generosity of the UFI Ministries workers, having received the dual gifts of food for themselves and the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with others. The UFI Ministries prophets also gave gifts of cash totalling over ten thousand dollars to needy members of the local community.

UFI Ministries Creator: Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa who founded the UFI Ministries (United Family International) has been inspiring those less fortunate for many years after setting up and founding the UFI Ministries in 2008. After many years of great success in giving opportunities to people of all backgrounds, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has continued his quest to bring the Word of the Lord to all people of all communities in his home nation of Zimbabwe and the diaspora.

UFI MinistriesBy launching many inspiring events along the way with the UFI ministries co-founder Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, the UFI Church continues to expand its loyal and dedicated congregation with many evangelism crusades to further spread the Word of the Lord. By reaching out to the many lost souls in the community, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has brought many wayward souls to the church to teach and spread the Gospel.

After setting up numerous UFI Ministries UFIC (United Family International Church) centres across these communities, the initial vision of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of creating 10 separate sub-assemblies at each centre is coming into fruition, to help establish continual support and assistance to the needy, the impoverished and those less fortunate to bring a message of hope, acceptance and God into their lives.

With such a huge number of followers that have attended the various UFI Ministries outlets throughout Zimbabwe, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa had later established assemblies in townships and cities including Harare, Mvurwi, Concession, Muzarabani and Bindura, Kwekwe, Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru, Masvingo. With further demand for access to the UFI Ministries message, new demand has come in from the rest of the globe, including special demand from The United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

The international interest had been mostly sparked by the ever growing popularity of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and the UFI ministries’ sermon DVDs, the growing number of visitors to UFI Ministry websites and social networking pages, as well as the great seeds sown by word of mouth from members and enthusiastic followers of the UFI Ministry itself.

With this ever growing number of international followers, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa have acknowledged the rejuvenated spirit in which doors of influence have opened up for them. With en ever inspiring message of peace, love, unity and Christ, the UFI Ministries continues to show supernatural growth in all corners of its charitable work.

This charitable work that the UFI ministries carries out on a daily basis, includes financial assistance that has been provided for by the generous and charitable nature of the many thousands of UFI Ministries Church goers. Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has sowed the seed and spread the message of Christ throughout these communities, which has in turn inspired so many followers to help assist with the regeneration and education of young people from within their communities.

The United Family International Church was set up to cater for and nurture the new converts with access to the scripture of The Lord in the local community. This important aspect of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s vision allows the head of the UFI Church; Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa to spread the word of the Lord in various charitable ways.

These charitable events and donations have helped the UFI ministries to evolve into not only a spectacular show of faith in the community, but also to inspire the new followers into action and donations that will in turn inspire others in the community. The UFI Church continues to expand into other areas of the community, and brings the Gospel to all, thanks to the inspirational founders of this organisation of faith; Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, gifted with foresight, motivation and revelation.